freaky accident

This happened about a month ago but I never wrote about it. Harkin cut his chin while getting ready for bed. We were in the bathroom and I was trying to wash his face. Being a toddler he did not want his face washed and tried to runaway from his mama. He had footy pj's on and slipped on our tile floor and just turned the wrong way and hit his chin on the toilet(of all places). He got a somewhat deep cut but it stopped bleeding pretty quickly so we just put a band aid on it. It may have needed to be glued but the Dr. looked at it a few days later and said it heeled all right. You just never know what a two year old will do. He may have a scar but it is under his chin so you won't really see it.


  1. Grace cut her head at bedtime when she was around 8. She slipped getting into bed and hit her head on the bed rail. 2 staples. Thankfully these kids are tough! I'm glad it was not more serious.

  2. Poor baby. Grammy kiss the boo boo. XXXOOO


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