5 month photo shoot

This little lady is growing!! She is wearing 12 month old clothes. She is fully interactive with us and lets us know when she wants to be included in the conversation. She loves to hold things and chews on everything. Currently she is working on rolling over and when on her belly is using her feet to scoot a tiny bit. Has the most amazing giggle and will giggle often at her big brothers. They are rather silly looking- just kidding:)  Her toes have become a great thing to grab and she holds onto them for a long time. When she is tired she kinda just conks out. She is getting better at taking naps in our bed, but still really loves it when she is snuggled up next to mama. Oh and when we get ready to nurse in our bed she kicks and shakes her arms she is just so excited, it is pretty funny to watch.  We love her so and still can't believe it has been 5 months already!!


  1. 5 months! She is adorable. She has a wonderful smile just for her Mama. Doesn't it just warm your heart. I know it does mine. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. Oh Rosemarie, she is beautiful. And that smile, gorgeous.


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