circus smirkus

We had a grand adventure last week and made our way to the circus. This was not the circus many may think of. It is a traveling circus made up of young teenagers- ranging from ages 11- 18. They are based out of VT and travel around New England. I remember when we were in CT always wanting to go but never getting tickets. This year since we are right in their backyard, to say, I got right on it when they went on sale.

It was a pretty awesome show. Harkin loved it just as much as the big boys. Issabelle did awesome and even took a nap during all the loud music and dancing. The seating was a bit snug but since we go there early, we were able to get good seats. The last row up so no one was behind us and we could see everything.

It was fun day. The boys are already talking about going next year.

Circus Smirkus offer camps for kids to learn how to do all the stuff and then the kids from the camp can become the performers.


  1. We love Circus Smirkus! The girls always ask if they can go to camp there one summer! I'm not sure they are ready for sleep away camp just yet but when they are perhaps they will go! So glad that you enjoyed the show! xo

  2. Circus Smirkus! How grand. What a delightful entertaining event. I often thought our family life was close to a circus when the boys were growing up. The family looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. XXXOOO


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