a knitted dress

I finished a dress for Issabelle. It is a little big but will hopefully last for a long time. It will become more like a sweater in the colder months. She was more than happy to give me a little photo shoot to show it off.  She LOVES to sit up and see all that is going on and was so happy to feel the grass in her toes and even pulled some out. Harkin was running around the tree so she was all giggles for him.


  1. Simply adorable! Goodness those eyes, and that smile. She is lucky she has three older brothers, they will be fending off the boyfriends one day :)

  2. Grand pictures. Issabelle is adorable. I love the dress and am delighted to see her wearing it. Harkin looks so cute too. What a glorious photo shoot. Love to all, XXXOOO


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