halfway through november

My days are flowing from one to the other. We are busy and then not so much, but I always seem to be tired. The month has started off fine, I just can't believe we are in the middle already. I think the mild temps are throwing me off.
A gentle recap of what has been going on:
I started running in the mornings again. I run around our driveway which is just like a track. This way the big boys can keep an eye on the the two little ones but if they need me I am not far away.
New slippers for Harkin which he is SO very excited about.
Rock climbing continues for William.
Open gym time is happening for Issabelle and Harkin and they have a total blast jumping and doing tricks. Issabelle crawls all over the place but her favorite thing is trying to climb the small slide.
Landon is attending a full day arts program. The theme is toys and games and he is currently designing his own game. I am excited to see the final results and they will have a reception when the class finishes.
We had our home school group which the boys learned about bees and honey making. They made their own beeswax candles. homemade granola and talked about the first Thanksgiving.
We have read many books about Thanksgiving and made several of our own crafts. Harkin was in awe of the fact that I painted his hands- he wanted to do it over and over. The big boys were happy to do it too- even more so than Harkin I think.
William and Landon have started Archery again and are loving it.
Riding lessons are still going on for Landon.
We've studied Roy Liechtenstein and made our own self portraits, comic strips and invented super heroes.
Issabelle got a wagon just like Harkin's and has a great time walking around following Harkin.
Harkin got two new trucks at the goodwill for the sandbox and loves them.
With all these activities we are busy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The rest of the week are home days. We clean, do projects, stack wood and just relax at home with toys, games, baking, books, drawing, etc.
It is a full life but oh, so good.

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  1. Whee! I got tired just reading all you do. Your family is reaping all the benefits of all your hard work planning and executing the events. It sure is a full life but oh so good! XXXOOO


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