Soccer ended about three weeks ago. I just have not had much time lately to blog. It was a fast and furious season.  I have a love/hate relationship with the sport at the moment.

What I love: A short season. Watching my boys play. How excited their dad gets watching them play. How excited they get when its game day(or even practice). How they have passed their enthusiasm onto Harkin. Seeing how much they have progressed with the game and really understand the way it should be played.

What I hate: It was every day of the week.  Hours that ran into dinner time and then bedtime for the little ones. How Issabelle was miserable pretty much every night because she was so off her routine. How I was driving all over the place. That the boys would show up to play but many of the kids would often fool around and waste time away.

It is over for now- we are hoping to try out a spring season, so we shall see what that brings.

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  1. Oh how well I remember. You are doing a great thing for the older boys. The little ones will be fine now that the season is over. Love all you do for your family. Love to all, XXXOOO


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