halloween happenings

We had a little party with friends last Wednesday. This was all the boys' doing. William wrote all the invitations himself. I had mentioned we could just send an email but he said "No technology was needed." and proceeded to spend a morning writing out 4 invitations by hand. I love it!!!
They both planned games to play outside for most of the morning. Landon was in charge of the snacks. We recently subscribed to Kidstir and it was a great kit for this particular event. It gave us plenty of ideas to make.

Then there was pumpkin carving with more of the boys doing it rather than Daddy. Harkin decided to paint his. Which he spent several days doing. How fun to watch him.

Halloween night was quick but fun. Harkin wasn't sure why we were knocking on peoples doors but soon caught on and any house with lights on was "open". The boys designed their costumes thanks to all of Grammy's great finds.  Issabelle had fun coming along for the ride. She did have a cowgirl vest on but hard to see...

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  1. Wonderful imaginations and costumes. I told the boys to have a piece of candy for me. Hope they were able to do it. Love, XXXOOO


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