oh, colorful yarn

By accident, today, we stumbled across some beautiful locally raised hand dyed yarn. While at archery one of the moms was organizing her yarn to prepare for the farmers market. I had a project in mind for Issabelle so I was able to purchase some lovely purple for a new sweater vest. Harkin was in love with all the colors and wanted one of each. I do not have a project planned for him so I said we would have to find something first and then we could purchase the colors of his choice. They both had such a grand time just looking at it all though. Issabelle loved putting the yarn back into the tubs after it was taken out for the moms to look at. I love how opportunities can present themselves like this. I was in love with all if the colors and had such a hard time resisting the urge to buy more.

1 comment:

  1. Love the colors. The children have such a good time wherever you take them. They are so fortunate to have a mama like you. XXXOOO


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