a full day of baking

William was in the mood to bake. He picks out a recipe from one of my pioneer woman cookbooks and begins. This happened to be the holiday cookbook so as he is going along he tells me he is making 30 sweet rolls and needs about 5 pie plates. I wasn't really sure what we were going to do with all these rolls and where we were going to put them all. It took him all day to make the dough, let it rise and then bake and make the frosting. They came out absolutely delicious, although he wasn't totally happy with them. We ended up with four plates full. I froze them individually and they are a great snack for when we are skiing.  I love how he is so willing to try new things - and they are usually pretty tricky recipes. He is really a pretty awesome baker and I do hope he continues to bake and maybe one day open up a shop if he still desires too.


  1. Wow! I'll come for a cup of tea and a roll!

  2. Her cinnamon rolls are fabulous! We make them at Christmas time and then give the trays away to friends, family and neighbors! We do keep a tray for us for Christmas morning, though! I use her pumpkin sheet cake cream cheese frosting recipe in place of the cinnamon roll recipe and stream a wee bit of maple syrup in too. So good! That dough makes fabulous dinner rolls (her dinner roll recipe is fab) and a lovely loaf of bread too! Well done, William!

  3. They are the most beautiful creation. I am so proud of you William. Save one for me! XXXOOO


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