serious play at the library

The boys have been part of a chess club since the middle of December, Each week they go and play about three games each against other kids. This week the top chess player from Vermont came to play all the kids at once. He would make a move and then move onto the next kid so then each kid had a bit if time to think about their move and then move when Dave came back to them.

I was very impressed with my boys. I think each of them surprised themselves a bit. Landon stayed in for a good long while. He came in 11th out of about 25 kids. William was the last one standing. He didn't beat Dave, but no one was going to do that. It was to challenge yourself and to see how long you could stay in the game.

I was never exposed to chess growing up so I think this is pretty awesome that they can play. Eric plays with them on occasion and I have been trying to learn, but too often forget the rules of play. It needs some serious concentration and right now I am a bit short on that. One day perhaps.  For now I will leave it to the boys.

The two little ones spend their time reading books and playing games with Mama while their big brothers play chess.

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  1. WOW! Wonderful job William, you won in my book! Great job Landon playing against a champion is good practice. The little ones are fortunate to be exposed to all those good books. Good job Rose. Love to all, XXXOOO


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