at the mountian

Although we are not buried in snow, it is slowly piling up. I am determined to get the boys to the mountain at least once during the week. We have gone twice so far and it is working out really well. Harkin is on skis. William and Landon are a huge help and have taught him how to turn, make a pizza to slow down, french fries to go fast and Harkin can get on the magic carpet all by himself. He even did a jump the last time we went and felt pretty awesome about it. I have Issabelle on my back and when the big boys head off to the upper mountain I ski with Harkin. We are having lots of fun and Izzy is really such a trooper. Once Harkin is pretty sure of himself I think we will be ready to get little miss up on skis.
We don't ski all day and in between there is this great family room we hang out in. We bring toys, books and lots of snacks to make it through the day. It really is pretty awesome to be only 25 minutes from the mountain.  Think Snow!!!!!

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  1. Snow! Snow! Snow! Hope that helps. The two little ones are adorable. Sounds like a great day for all. Love, XXXOOO


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