box day

As part of our learning days we receive several subscription boxes a month. We usually pick one day a week when we have nothing else going on and call it "box day".  Some of the boxes have several activities that can take a few days to complete, so we then will work on it throughout the week.

William was studying ancient India when he used Henna paste to make tattoos on his forearms. (history unboxed subscription)

Then there are the Kiwi crate line of boxes. William tried out a variety of watercolor techniques to make a calendar. (Doodle Crate) Landon made a draw-bot and then used it to create several large murals. Also he was studying moving pictures the week before. (Tinker Crate) Harkin was studying reptiles and made his own snake.(Koala Crate) Issabelle felt a bit left out and wanted to create just like her brothers so she was given some paint. As you can see she decided to try it out on her face. She is a sneaky girl.

So far we have been very happy with these boxes. I think they give you a lot of activities for the price. All three boys get excited when they come in the mail.

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  1. Box day looks like a fun way to learn. Where do you find such great activities? XXXOOO


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