a delightful gift

Another year has passed in my life and I take time to pause and reflect on how it has gone. It seems to me that lately I haven't felt very productive or that I am not really doing much with my life. The rainbow tonight was a happy sign for me. Felt like a blessing was upon me and that this next year might be the one where I stop looking for that something else and just enjoy what is in front of me. You can always be searching for the end of the rainbow but may never reach it. The gold is a stretch. I say enjoy the colors as they expand and be delighted by what it is. A beautiful picture before you. That is what I truly have in front of me each and every day. I need to remind myself of this more often. There is beauty and rainbows in the day to day life, some days they shine a little brighter while other days it may be hard to see, but they are always there. Waiting for me to look up, breathe and take it all in.

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  1. Happy Birthday, dearest Rose. You have indeed accomplished great and mighty things in your mothering, as a wife and certainly as a cherished daughter-in-law. We love you dearly and are in awe of all you do. Time will confirm this for you believe me. Love to you and your family. P.S. The Lord gave us the rainbow as a sign. Cherish it. Love the new picture.


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