parc safari: part 1 -the wilds

We scored discount tickets in the beginning of the summer and then waited until the end to actual make the trip to Canada. We went with friends, during the week, right before school was about to start. It was awesome. The place was pretty empty. We went straight to the safari and had such a fun time. The animals were very friendly as you can see(we had food). Harkin wasn't exactly sure about the whole thing. He wanted them to come close but did not expect them to put their whole heads into the car. He warmed up as we went along. Little miss was ready to jump out of the car and go for a ride on someone. It was so crazy!
After the safari we walked around and saw the other animals that were there. We hadn't been to anything like this before. All the kids had a great time. They are already talking about going next summer.

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  1. What an adventure. Maybe we will be able to go with you next time. The children's pictures are priceless. How brave everyone was. Thanks for sharing. Love, XXXOOO


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