It is hard to believe the month has come to an end. I kept feeling like we were just getting started. We had a good one though. Soccer has taken over our afternoon/evenings- every day. It can be tough on some days but we have tried to stay at home during the day so that it isn't overly crazy.

Landon also started riding again. He loves it so much. He has moved up to a much bigger horse which is happy about but also is taking a bit of adjusting to.

We have started some new studies, right now the boys are loving practicing math and William is covering civics. I am facilitating a math club for Landon and many of his friends. William is volunteering at the library, while we are there. William is still averaging a book a day. I really can't keep enough books in the house.

Landon also started a Lego League team. He is very excited about it. They will go to a competition in December.  He builds at home every day some pretty awesome structures.

We are listening to Anne of Green Gables in the car and even Harkin is following along. He says he really loves the story.

Issabelle and Harkin are growing and learning every day. We play, read, do yoga, ride bikes, and create together most days.

There were a few good baking days, as we participated in a bake sale to raise money for a homeless shelter.

We went to a pumpkin chunkin' festival and the boys got their trebuchet out and made a few adjustments on their own so it shoots much better than before.

There were about four days straight of making paper airplanes, modifying them to fly better and seeing how far they would go.

Our days may not be typical of most, but that is what I love. In their experimenting and play they are learning and accomplishing so many things.

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  1. Delightful. So much activity, learning, playing, doing and loving. Thanks for sharing. XXXOOO


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