It was so cold outside today! The wind was howling and whipping right through your bones. Good thing we had plans for inside play.

It all began with pancake making,
then we decided some K'nex building was in order- William helped Landon just a little bit, but overall Landon was able to figure out how to build these cool guys just by looking at the finished picture. They do not come with step by step instructions like William's set.

These are call Kid K'nex. They are much chunkier than the original. And so cute!

I was so proud of William. He built it all by himself and there was no yelling. He can get frustrated very easily. However he stuck with it and finished it, probably spent about 45 min working on it. He must be maturing a bit??Then we were off to a puppet show. This guy is awesome! This is our 4th time seeing him. He is a one man show and makes all the puppets himself. Check out his website here.

William got to be a volunteer. "Finally", he says. Every time we see the shows his big hope is to be a volunteer.

It was a fun time.

On the way home we stopped at the library to stock up on books. It had been awhile.

Our grateful list at dinner-
Me- Just for a great day
Will- Lots of new books
Lan- Going skiing ( we haven't actually gone yet, but so many hopes)

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  1. I just love the theatre and for William to be chosen to help, well that is the ultimate. Love, XXXOOO


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