Gingerbread Cookies

We received a tin of chocolate covered gingerbread men in the mail last week as an early Christmas present. I have never been one for the taste of ginger.

Or that's what I thought. They we so yummy! And all the boys seem to really enjoy them. I'm pretty sure the chocolate helped.

Of course Eric is trying to show the boys how to suck milk up into the cookie so it gets all soft and gooey. And when the next day William goes to try it and instead his cookie falls apart into the glass of milk, he was not too happy with daddy's idea.

Then Landon saw the cover of Family Circle with little gingerbread cookies on them, and asked "Please can we make them?"

I really enjoy baking but have never been a big fan of cookies that you have to roll out and actually use a cookie cutter with. They just never turn out right.
The dough gets too sticky, too mushy, too huge a mess.

But this dough was different.

It actually worked!!

I am loving how easy it was.

The taste of just the plain cookie was good.

Of course the fun is in the decorating,
I think I let them get a little carried away, but it was fun and we don't do it too often.


I'm thinking Homemade chocolate covered gingerbread men.

Good gifts??


  1. Ummm, great gift for me....
    Just sayin.

  2. Sounds like a great gift for me too! Love, XXXOOO


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