Sharing the Spirit

We are visiting with more family. I so love that the boys are thrilled to see Grandma(my mom).

She is in a nursing home so there is not too much for them to do there, however they love going there. We play Bingo, hang out in the courtyard, push Grandma around and they are so friendly to all the other residents that is just warms my heart.

The boys and I have discussed how many of the residents don't have family around that can come and see them often like Grandma does. This is why they (the residents)are always excited when young children come to the place. They try to reach out and touch them and ask a ton of questions. Again, my heart fills with pride because the boys are willing to talk to them and even have made a friend that they look forward to visiting as much as Grandma.

Therefore, in keeping with the true spirit of the holiday season we have decided to make salt dough ornaments for the residents as a special holiday gift. I hope all goes well as we begin this project tomorrow. The boys are very excited about it!


  1. I love that. The kids and I are thinking that we can go through therapy training with one of the dogs, and do that 2 x monthly. I think that is so great for the kids and the residents.

  2. You are amazing. Thanks for all the good and wonderful things you do for the boys and others. Love you dearly, XXXOOO


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