our week updated

Sunday- We went to a Christmas parade and ended up with a huge pasta bowl full of candy! Good thing the Sugar Plum Fairies could find us in North Carolina. They were very happy with the offerings.

Monday- We spent the day with grandma and played Bingo. William and
Grandma won three times.
We then came home and spent the afternoon making ornaments. Thank goodness our cousin Garrett was there to help. We had to make 110!

It was great fun to have flour everywhere!

- We spent the entire morning paintin

At night we visited with our eldest cousin John. There is 21 years difference between him and Landon.
Wednesday- We visited with Grandma, played in her courtyard,

played some more Bingo, handed out all the ornaments to the residents. They were all so pleased with them.
Then we had to say goodbye to Grandma. It was a sad night.
Thursday- We drove home and were welcomed by the remains of the first snow.

Friday and Saturday- We have spent unpacking and reorganizing the house. Plus we went and got our Christmas tree today- I'll post photos tomorrow!

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  1. How nice of you to think of the other people living at the home. I know you made their day. What a marvelous thing you are teaching the children. Bingo is fun and so is organizing the chips. Isn't it wonderful how the boys enjoy such different things. Love that you could spend nice times with your mom and sister. Love, XXXOOO


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