Holiday Time

We have had a lovely few days celebrating the season. Christmas Eve we spent baking and spreading joy to our neighbors and then spent the evening with my sister and her family.

Christmas morning was happily spent at home opening presents and playing with everything. There was much to see and do. Santa came through with Landon's skies and Will's Ski outfit, so now all they want to do is go skiing.
Seriously. Its the first thing Landon says to me it the morning and the last thing he says at night. "I'm ready to go skiing." Try explaining to a three year old that we are going to wait until after the vacation break.
It doesn't compute.

We spent the whole day in PJ's, napped, played some more and ate a yummy dinner.

The day after Christmas we had the fancy dinner with Eric's brothers and families, (well those yet to be).

It was a very relaxing holiday time and very memorable!


  1. Nice cake, ours was wonky as hell.... Glad you had a lovely day!

  2. Merry Christmas. Love the pictures. And thanks for hosting a family dinner for our boys. Everyone looks wonderful but no pictures of you Rose, what a shame. Love, XXXOOO


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