my girl

My sweet girl turned 10 today.

It seems like she was just coming home as a 14 lb pup.  Waking and crying in the middle of the night to be let out.  Needing all of our love and attention.  The years have been full of laughter.   Her noises, silly poses, and crazy antics whenever we arrive home always fills our hearts with joy.  She loves us unconditionally.  Always ready to snuggle up close by and keep me company while the boys are asleep and Eric is not home.  I always feel safe with her.  She has my back no matter what.

Of course there have been times(several occasions) that I get so frustrated with her.  Like when she grabs a peanut butter sandwich right out of  Landon's hand, or I turn my back just for one moment and she is up on the counter eating our dinner.  There have been many loaves of bread eaten and Tupperware thrown out.  But she is a dog and will basically eat anything given the opportunity so I can't get too angry with her.

We love her dearly and are so glad she is part of our family.  We made her day as special as we could.

Her "cake" was two cans of dog food, a special treat since she usually eats dry food,   topped with a little cream, bacon and ground beef.  She gobbled it up in a matter of seconds and totally enjoyed it.  (I am sure we will be smelling this later tonight.)

Happy Birthday Gritty!


  1. Aww! I know about loving dogs. Happy Birthday Gritty girl!

  2. whose crown did she get to wear? Amazing that she is 10 and still poses for her pictures

  3. Happy Birthday Grit. Love the crown and "cake", XXXOOO


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