I Loved Today.

Today was so full of life.

5:30  : After only being awoken once by Landon at 1:00am, I am instead awoken by my lovely husband. Checking to see what time it was- not really sure what that was all about.  Luckily I fall back to sleep for a bit.

6:30 :  My alarm goes off, and I hesitate.  It is way too cozy in my bed. But then again I won't stay healthy if I lay in bed. So I am up and heading out the door by 6:40 with my sweet girl for our morning walk.

7:30 : Back home again for some quiet reading time.  Where I read this verse:

Wisdom is the Principal thing
Therefore get wisdom
And in all your getting, get understanding.  Proverbs 4:7

I had great thoughts to think about as my day continued.

8:00 Snuggle in bed with the boys reading.

8:45 Showered and eating breakfast and chores.

9:30 Read the first chapter in Explore Spring and did the activities.  

Learning about the earth traveling around the sun and why we have seasons.

Then a great moment. After we finished the hands on activity, William says" Oh , now we can write in our journals we made."  Sure says mama and they recorded their findings.  This was all their own doing which made it a wonderful learning experience.

 10:30 Adventuring: We headed to a State Park we had never been do. It was amazing!

1:00 Our once a month art class. 

There was sketching of houses,


and a group sculpture project.

4:00 Home again for a bit of rest and relaxation.

5:30 Soccer

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Bed

This was an extremely busy day for us.  It was fun but I am looking forward to tomorrow just playing at home.

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  1. What a glorious day full of wisdom and understanding. Love to all of you. Your pictures are grand. Love, XXXOOO


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