a good investment

Five years ago Eric I bought a timeshare.  At first it may have been a bit much for us but it has evened out and I have to say  it has been one of our better purchases so far.  We know that every year we have a week ski vacation already paid for. And we also have an extra week that we have used to trade and go some pretty neat places.  It also has given us extra vacations at an amazing discount.  I always get sticker shock when I look for vacations outside of our timeshare use.  

That being all said, we are using it this week to get some Spring skiing in.

A few shots of our place:

I love how the boys run through the place and check it all out.  They have such a fun time.

We will be doing some skiing today-yeah!


  1. looks like a cozy spot. Have fun skiing today!

  2. Love that you are having good fun skiing. Enjoy! Love, XXXOOO


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