The boys and I spent the day skiing.  As we traversed the mountain I marveled at how much they have grown over the past year. 

William pretty much knows the entire mountain,  which is actually six mountains.   He would argue with me that it was the wrong way when I chose the trail, and guess what?  I was wrong.  Need to listen to him more.  I think he has the map memorized in his head. He reads over it every day.
He has no fear of the mountain and just attacks it.  I even separated from him for a bit so he could tackle a trail that Landon would not go on.  He knew exactly where to meet me. He is gaining his independence. 

Landon was willing to give some new trails a try. When we finished, he was so proud of himself.  These were trails that I remember last year sliding down on our bum together because he was so scared and unsure of himself.  He even did the superpipe with Will.  

I am so grateful we are able to provide the opportunity for them to enjoy what they love.  They're not just becoming better skiers but are gaining confidence in themselves.  Challenging themselves and realizing they can accomplish things as long as they try. 

I'm the lucky spectator who gets to watch them grow. It's just delightful!

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  1. And it is so delightful to read and see all about your days. Congratulations to Will and his map abilities. Congratulations to Landon for attempting a run that just last year was so scary. What a good job you are doing Rose! Love, XXXOOO


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