a reminder

After a few days at home we awoke and decided today should be a day out.  It was rather rainy this morning.  The boys have been wanting to return to one of their favorite places:

Kid City!

I love the fact that William can still find enjoyment out of these children's museums.  They say the age is for 1- 8 years. ( He's almost there already- yikes!) I know some kids would probably be bored, but we spent almost three hours there.  

By learning at home we have given them unlimited time to themselves to explore their imaginations. So when we do venture out it is all new and exciting.  They know how to play. Really play.

There are days when I struggle with the whole unschooling concept.  It's the school teacher that was once me.  But then I see Will spend hours reading or figuring things out in his head.  And listen to his conversations and play.  He is learning and will only learn more as I continue to give him the freedom and trust to do so.

I am slowly getting there and letting go of all my school teaching baggage.  I had 10 boxes filled with curriculum books at one time. I think I only have a few books left. 

Days like today are a wonderful reminder that it does work.  Unschooling. Life learning.  Whatever you call it, it is just living our lives and enjoying the ride.  And it's a good ride. :)

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  1. Enjoy every day. Love to see the boys so active. Love, XXXOOO


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