We celebrated a very special lady yesterday. Eric's maternal Grandma is turning 90 next Monday. We gathered for a intimate family lunch in her honor. The boys are so lucky they have this wonderful lady to be part of their lives. They have some pretty special memories of her in only the few short years that they have been around.  They each wrote a short poem for her. William compared her to as fun as Disney while Landon thought she was as sweet as candy. These are the words from their mouths.  I was absolutely in love with them.

 Although, trying to get some good family photos wasn't an easy feat.

 Eric and I look like the masked man/woman. When taking a "nice" picture probably should take sunglasses off. Humph.

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  1. What a grand family with a mother,grandmother and great grandmother to celebrate a 90th birthday! Wasn't it fun? Love to all, XXXOOO


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