Apple Blossom

The boys have started a new program one day a week. It is a way to see some of our friends on a more regular basis.  It is an art enrichment program. They are doing woodworking, watercolor painting and eurythmy, which is a movement activity.  They seem to enjoy it and are not telling me about their woodworking project- it's a surprise they say.  I have a few hours to myself. I am hoping to spend time knitting, writing, reading and visiting with the mommies(my friends) on occasion.


  1. Sounds like a great program. Enjoy your time, sounds like you will be filling it with some great things.

  2. Oh yeah, you did it! I am sure they will enjoy their peaceful time there. I remember how beautiful the building is!

  3. Looks inviting and fun. Enjoy! Love, XXXOOO


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