dollar store art

I am loving our little area downstairs filled with all our creative resources. During the Winter it was hard to be down there since it is a bit cold, but now it is a perfect afternoon retreat. A great place to relax after a hard days play.  We found ourselves down there on Friday afternoon in the mood to paint. The boys discovered a box filled with dollar store items and decided  they would make for some interesting tools.  It was perfect process discovery art. As the boys painted and layered on the paint they discovered how some tools would change or leave etches into the paint.  There paintings were constantly changing and evolving into something other than what was first imagined. We discussed how a mistake can turn into a masterpiece and how anything can really be used to create art.  This is my favorite place to be with them. Just perfect.

Linking up with Stephanie for Saturday Artist.


  1. what a great idea. i am just stepping out of my comfort zone of art. i am thinking that must have been some serious fun.

    1. What a good brushes as paint brushes. I've got a load of ideas from this week's saturday's artist!!

  2. Spring has arrived . How delightful !!! Also good to see Grammy and Grampy. Love from NC

  3. I love art days like that! We play with tools, too-- thick paints make for wonderful oceans!

  4. You have the most wonderful ideas for the boys. Love to see it all. Love, XXXOOO


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