recent crafting

We have been busy making some new treasures and dress up accessories.

First we have felted rocks. This was much easier than expected and very relaxing. I just took some rocks that we had in our collections, wrapped wool roving around them, then dunked them into hot, soapy water. I rolled them in my hand, dunked in water again and continued to roll, almost like a piece of clay.

An evening worth of rubies, gold and emeralds.

Then since we love the medieval ages so much these days we wanted to make a pocket for our treasures. You know there were no pockets in the clothing back then.  Instead they had a pocket wrapped around their waist with a belt.  Ours is made with simple felt.  I just sewed up the edges, cut slits and then added the belt. The boys are thrilled with their newest addition. I am thrilled to be making some neat things for them myself.  I love how from simple materials I have on hand (the felt was from my mother's stash) I can make something the boys will use and play with.


  1. Love those Jewels! Awesome job.

  2. I whole heartedly concur with what Kim said! Great job!

  3. Grand party favor. The gems and pouch to store. Nothing could be better. Love, XXXOOO


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