otters and the farm

We went to a program all about Otters yesterday. 

We learned many interesting facts about otters and had the opportunity to watch the instructor feed the otters and see them do tricks.

Afterwards we walked about the farm seeing all the new babies. Goats just 5 days old!

Then there was a wonderful young man who explained about a new program they have for homeschoolers. This peaked William's interest. He many just possibly become a junior animal keeper. Learning how to feed and care for their exotic animals.

And of course there was time for playing at one of our favorite playgrounds.


  1. Wow, looks like a great trip! Where is this?

    1. This is at the Stamford Nature Center and Museum.

  2. So glad you enjoyed one of my girlhood stomping grounds. What a great program to become a junior animal keeper. Love, XXXOOO


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