apple turnovers

William and I made apple turnovers on Friday. We both love to try new recipes and I am currently in the middle of organizing all the one I have torn out of magazines.  These were OK. We both weren't too crazy about the filling. It had apples mixed with cream cheese, which was an interesting combination. Also William is particular about his crust. We used store bought pastry sheets, and he did not like them. He said he would have preferred to make his own pie crust.

He has it all planned out for next time. The crust, and all the ingredients he would use for the filling. He really loves to bake and I am trying my best to encourage this passion. This past week he baked 3 times. He would do it every day, but that is not always feasible.


  1. Well they certainly look delicious. I told Reece that William likes to bake, there might be a favourite cookie recipe coming your way :)

  2. The turnovers are beautiful. Save some for me! XXXOOO


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