* this week was a tough one, full of bickering, way too much yelling and overall yuckiness

* by night all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and fall into a deep sleep,  not that that happened. Harkin wakes often and usually with some sort of scream these days.

* soccer finally finished so now we can have our evenings back

* Harkin went from calling me mama to mommy- his little voice melts my heart

* rain, rain and more rain

* working hard on making a big breakfast for my growing boys so I can tame their hunger beasts

* love watching my boys get so excited over new books from our library trips

* played a new game with the boys "egyptians"

* had robotics class and horseback riding lessons

* baked corn muffins and apple turnovers with William

* love listening to the gentle sounds of Landon's guitar playing

* Harkin got his first toothbrush (we had been using a finger brush) and loves to do it himself, after mommy does it. 

* Harkin is 20 months old today!

* hoping for nicer weather this weekend and some calmness among our house


  1. Sorry you had a tough week. But glad you found many nice moments: Harkin's voice, Landon's music and William's baking. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. I remember clearly when my little man stopped calling me was a tough transition for me. I loved being called mama.

    Sorry about the yuckiness of your week, those are always tough weeks. Wishing you a weekend of calm and maybe a nap :)


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