little red hat

I finished a new hat for Harkin a few weeks ago. It is just like his big brothers, only smaller. He loves putting it on all by himself.  He is getting to be so independent these days. I am currently working on a sweater to match. Hoping it gets done sooner than later.


  1. That is the Taproot hat, isn't it? I remember you knitting them for the boys. I am knitting it right now too. Two are done (one for the little man, and the little one who joins us to homeschool) and I am knitting one for my hubby right now. Next up is me :) I love the pattern, so easy to pick up and put down, and to knit while hanging out with the kids.

    It looks great on Harkin ,and I love the colour.

    1. Yes- it is such a great pattern. I have made one for all the boys. Now the girls are next!


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