weekend work

It was wood stacking time. Yesterday, Eric and the big boys spent quite some time stacking. Harkin so wanted to be a part of it but it was pouring rain and nap time. Today the weather was much nicer.

So Daddy and Harkin filled the wheelbarrow and dumped the loads in the garage for the big boys to do all the stacking. Harkin loved the ride back to the pile. He also was so excited to be wearing overalls just like daddy. When it came time for nap and I tried to take them off since they were dirty--we had tears. So what's a little dirt in the bed??

We have had this wheelbarrow for so long now that I am pretty sure I have a picture of all the boys in it when they were this age helping daddy.

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  1. Harkin is so adorable. Love the boys taking a break and Harkin going for a ride. Lots of hard work, worn out men and I am sure all slept well that night. Love, XXXOOO


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