The past two mornings the boys have been busy making their own apple pies. We had picked up this pampered chef apple peeler/corer at a tag sale. It is interesting. It works fine but with a little help on our doing. I think we all thought it was going to be this magic thing. It left a few peels on and sometimes the coring part would move, but overall I think it cut down time and used more of the apple than if I had done it by hand. We are trying to fill our freezer up with baked goods for the coming winter months when I just won't be able to bake much. I need more pans though. I might have to buy some aluminum ones. It is fun watching the boys in the kitchen and I love how they so enjoy doing it.


  1. Yum! I love it when my kids are in a baking mood.

  2. Nothing is better than to have bakers in the house. Hope there is some baking going on in January. Love, XXXOOO


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