The boys started an archery program last week. They are very excited about it. It is different than just going shooting with Dad. It is called JOAD- which stands for Junior Olympic Archery Development. They have a goal each week to try and shoot to a certain number of points. This will help them improve as they go along. A few of their very good friends are in the class as well so it makes it fun all around. The little girl next to Will being one of them.

The program goes for 5 weeks and then there is a winter and spring session. We will have to sit out the winter one due to their sister being born and us just having home time, but then we will pick it back up in the spring.


  1. How fun! We have an archery program not far from where we live and I can't wait til Reece is old enough :) Enjoy your weekend. xo

  2. The boys look like fine archers. Keep up the good work. Love, XXXOOO

  3. They look great! And goodness has Will gotten tall! :)


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