a sunday walk

I needed to get out in the woods. It is hard here since it is hunting season. We can't go too far back behind our house. So we headed to a local nature preserve. It was a relatively mild day for a stroll. Harkin was up and down the whole way. He wanted to be in Daddy's arms but then also wanted to walk a bit on his own. He loved being on Daddy's shoulders collecting leaves from the trees. 

When we reached the trails end which was the bay, we opted for mama's back. Everyone was getting tired and hungry. It was a lovely walk which I am grateful to my family for. It isn't always their first choice of outings.

We came home and rested, had a nice family dinner and went to bed early. Refreshed and ready for a new week.


  1. Great walk, beautiful scenery and wonderful looking boys. Thanks for sharing. Love, XXXOOO

  2. Sounds perfect! So happy you could get out there and enjoy some time in nature.


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