turkey crafts

We spent one morning this week making some new holiday decorations. The boys said we needed more turkeys. So I got the idea for the bead turkeys from the Artful Parent. She makes sun catchers, I bought the wrong beads, so we made hanging decorations. I think they came out so cute. Harkin had fun playing with the beads. He kept picking up the embroidery hoop after he had filled beads into it, so it was just the process for him.
We then made wooden turkeys. Using craft foam and wooden pieces from the craft store. We had a fun morning together and now we have decorations to last a few years. Harkin loves looking at them up on the windowsill and wall.


  1. Love the turkeys! What kind of beads were recommended? I think they came out great regardless! xo

  2. What wonderful crafts. Love the way you use what you have and make it better than original. Great job by all. Love, XXXOOO


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