just enough

There was just a dusting of snow this week but the boys made the most of it. It was very cold so it took me some time to get Harkin all bundled up, but then he goes after his brothers. They played together for over an hour.

Listening to his tiny voice tell the story of their sledding escapades his quite funny. There seems to have been a bit of a crash with Landon and Harkin's voice gets loud and he starts shaking his hands at Landon when he retells the story. Everyone giggles.

It amazes me still how much he comprehends and how quickly these days he is learning words. he is such a funny kid and makes us all smile so much throughout the day. His big brothers are so very sweet with him it is just awesome!


  1. It is so lovely to hear these stories of big brothers with their little brother. Such special relationships they are growing.

  2. What joy to play in the snow and then relive it by retelling it. Harkin sledding down the hill on his own tells it all. Hope Landon is okay! William had a watchful eye on it all I am sure. What a grand and glorious family. Love, XXXOOO


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