it stuck

The past two Fridays we have had snow falling but nothing that lasted once it hit the ground. Today the forecast was for more rain than snow but obviously they got it wrong. We came home from a busy day to an inch or two on the ground. The boys were thrilled! It was sticky enough to make snowballs and they even built snowmen. (no pictures) A great hour was spent outside burning off steam from a day of errands and classes. Harkin is so excited about it. I can't wait until we have tons of it and see him playing in it! Yeah for the winter ahead!

Landon was busy building his store of snowballs so no pictures of him were to be gotten.


  1. How fun! We got a dumping last night too, and it snowed all day today. So much fun!

  2. Yeah for snow. Let it snow, let it snow. XXXOOO


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