A Fishy Story

Every time we go to the grocery store the boys flock to see the lobsters in their tank. They love to just stare at them. Well today was different. Today William decided he wanted to take one home for dinner.
I paused. I thought. Why not- this is actually the best night to do it. Eric wasn't going to be home for dinner( he is allergic to shellfish). So we picked one out and brought it home.

William had to carry it through the entire store and so many questions.
Will is still be alive? Why are the rubber bands on the claws? How do we cook it? Can I hold it? Can we eat it right when we get home?
He just kept on going and going- my little energizer bunny.

We did not eat when we got home because it was only lunch time. But the anticipation rose all day long. Finally when it was time to cook the little lobster, William wanted to hold it and drop it in the boiling water. He had this wonderful smile on his face.

Gritty tried to jump at it as we were holding it. She wasn't too sure about his whole Crustacean thing. Landon on the other hand went running from the room . He wanted nothing to do with it.

Cooking it was a huge ordeal. William had to watch it, stir it and remove it from the pot.
I had to break it open with knife, scissors and hands. I had no lobster crackers or pickers readily available. We just don't do lobster here. I think the last time I actually ate a lobster was 7 years ago. Prior to being pregnant. My family would probably be ashamed of me. We grew up having huge lobster feasts on the back porch all summer long.

Finally as we dipped our lobster in butter and took a bite all the excitement ended right then. It was quickly spit out and no more was touched for the rest of the meal. I can't say I blame them (Landon had decide to give it a try). It wasn't like I remembered. I did eat the whole thing but not sure I would do it again. Crazy, I know.

I told the boys we can try it at a restaurant when it is stuffed or something. They always put lots of yummy bread crumbs, butter and stuff that I think would mask the actual lobster and be more enjoyable.

Landon ended the meal by say "I'm not a lobster person. I like fish"

I was proud of William for trying something new.


  1. Well, he tried! It was an experience. We always want to buy the lobsters and set them free, again. I keep saying next time to the kids. Maybe I will actually put my money where my mouth is. I always wonder what the lobster would think.

  2. Lobster no good? Doesn't compute. More lobster for me. What a great mom to allow the boys to try new and exciting things. Love, XXXOOO


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