I'm Melting

Seriously. This weather is killing me. It has been 90* for the past few days and by the end of the day there is just nothing left in me. All I want to do is go hide out in my bedroom where we have one of the two air conditioners. Not sure what Eric and I were thinking. We have done so many home improvements but never central air. We must be crazy.

Anyways, we have been having some fun though.

William and I went on a date Saturday. We went to this midsummer festival. It was a bit crowded but he seemed to enjoy himself.

There was this really cool structure that an artist built out of local branches.

A homemade bubble maker.

Then we had a birthday party to attend.

This amazing cake was enjoyed by all. That's the birthday girl.
Some Frisbee.
Throwing sticks into rivers.
Notice Landon's hand. He cut it two weeks ago while in North Carolina. It is just about healed, but still has a band aid on it and will not use it too often. He holds it against his chest to baby it.


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous structure!!
    And a very sweet cake : )

  2. Sweet memories are being made. XXXOOO


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