Little Green Lizard

While visiting my sister I had a little visitor while I was working on her computer. As I sat there I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. To my surprise this cute little lizard had climbed the wires and sat upon the table looking at me. What was I to do?
We decided that he needed to get back outside where he belonged. I tried to pick him up by the tail but he was too fast. We just tried to shoo him out with a broom. Unfortunately their little Yorkie wanted part of the action. As the lizard headed under the coffee table so did Rusty.
Rusty prevailed as he came out with this poor little guy clenched between his teeth. Now trying to get him to release the lizard was quite the task. He ran outside and would drop it on the ground, but every time we got near him he would pick it back up and run farther away. We did finally catch Rusty without the lizard.
I do feel rather bad about the poor guys fate. Maybe this will be a warning to all other lizards in their yard. Don't enter the house or you will have Rusty to deal with. He was rather proud of himself.


  1. Maybe all those annoying car insurance commercials will stop.

  2. One less lizard, yeah, Love, OOOXXX


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