Oh, I'm Sore

We went ice skating today. Last time was 6 months ago.

William had a great time- he did seem to be laying down more than standing up though. Landon did awesome. I wasn't bending over so much this time. His sense of balance has really improved. All was good.
Then I go and do something not so smart.

We had been skating almost an hour. Landon was tired. So I pick him up. We go around the rink once and just as we were about to get off, I slip. BIG TIME.
We land with a huge plop on my but and elbow. I was trying to save Landon's face. He was fine- just a little scared. All these people come over to make sure I was alright. I'm fine. Just really, really sore. And quite embarrassed.

We're all done now. We are packing up to leave and from around the corner I can hear the coach who watched the whole thing telling the people who work there.
"Did you see that lady fall? It was so stupid of her to carry her son around."

He walks around the corner and sees me.

Now who's feeling stupid?

I just smiled and politely said goodbye.


  1. Ouch! Glad you are both ok! Bet that guy felt like big dork....

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you fell while caring for your child glad you are both ok!

  3. Who was stupid? Does he have children? You always do such a great job of caring for your children. THANK YOU! Love, XXXOOO


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