We're Back

So we returned today from our trip South. I really did not sleep much last night and by 4:30am I was willing to jump out(slowly meander is more like it) of bed. William woke up shortly thereafter and helped get all the little things in the car. By 5:00 am we were on the road. Landon wasn't too happy about being pulled out of his nice cozy, warm bed. He chose not to bring his blanket(the one mommy worked so long and hard to make) with him. Instead he begged William to let him use his. William did not agree wholeheartedly. His blanket is GOLD to him. He snuggles with it every night and loves to keep it on his lap during the car ride. Anyways once that was settled, Landon fell back to sleep, William listed to his book on CD. Currently it is the Little House on the Prairie series.

I got to drive in silence and saw the most amazing sunrise. Only I was driving and did not have my camera readily available to record this moment. Ugh! Still working on keeping the camera always close by. It was a peaceful moment. One of those times you think "Wow, this world truly is amazing and I am blessed!" As the day wore on I kept thinking about that. 12 hours in a car gives you plenty of time to think. Although we have our struggles(such as replacing two tires while in North Carolina because they were totally bald!) we really are fortunate with our lives.

It was an easy drive today. We hit a bit of traffic here and there but no longer than 10 minutes or so. The boys behaved very nicely and Gritty slept the entire time. I was happy to be home by 4:30. This gave the boys time to run around and me time to unload the car, straighten the house up and relax a bit when Eric came home. And boy was he a sight for sore eyes. We were all so happy to see him. 10 days is a long time away.

I keep saying I am not going tobe away for so long anymore but am also happy to have time to visit with my mom. She just loves to watch the boys play and they are so happy to visit with Grandma.

It was a good trip but we are glad to be home. I will post pictures and stories of the adventures in the days to follow.

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  1. Glad you are all home safe and sound. Love, XXXOOO


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