This morning we woke to a nice, beautiful, crisp day. No rain. No dying heat. A perfect day for fruit picking. We missed strawberries in June because of so much rain. So we were ready to take on all fruit that was ripe and ready.

We packed our lunches, cleaned our buckets, grabbed our hats and off we went. The boys were so excited.

Now as you look through the pictures there is a recurring theme. See if you can guess it.


Nectarines and Peaches


Raspberry Crumble
Our first of many fruit desserts this weekend.
We had a full day( I told you they were serious about picking). After all that picking we went and had a picnic lunch and fed the ducks and Geese.
Figure out the theme?
William was the one who was always working while Landon was always eating!

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  1. The raspberry crumble was delicious! The boys worked hard to pick and how adorable they both looked picking and eating. Love, XXXOOO


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