Such Excitement!

Will's first tooth fell out tonight!
About 10 days ago William noticed his tooth was loose. It was a very exciting discovery! We kept watch on it as the days went by.
Mama got busy sewing. We had to have a very special place to put the tooth so the tooth fairy could easily find it and possibly leave a little something in return.

Then tonight we were out to dinner with Great Goebel and while Will was drinking his strawberry milkshake, it popped out. Not much bleeding, thank goodness, and no pain! Just like that my baby lost his first tooth. I just about cried. My baby is getting too big!
This is such a wonderful milestone. I have begun thinking of a way to preserve these little teeth for years to come- some type of craft. I'll let you know when I figure it all out. But for now we will just enjoy the little space in his mouth.

"The Tooth"


  1. So excellent! Loosing teeth is all the rage here as well.

  2. hurray William. Did the tooth fairy come?

  3. It's a red letter day, a milestone and a big whoopdeedo! The rites of passage from a baby with baby teeth to a boy with a space and an adult tooth on the way! Hurray for William. Am delighted that Great Goebel could be a part of it all. And the phone call to let Grammy know made my day! The tooth fairy was certainly fortunate to be able to collect this tooth. Love, XXXOOO


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