Fort Day

Today was a home day. It was one of those cool overcast summer days that was perfect for just hanging out inside. Why? you ask.
Well we have a very silly yellow dog, who, at 9:00pm last night decided to go chase a skunk and got sprayed right in the face. Whew, did she stink! I had to bathe her several times and it really didn't make much of a difference. She spent the night in the kitchen alone. But not before our entire house smelled horrible.
So it was a good day to open all the windows and the cool breeze kinda blew the stink away. The back corner of our yard still smelled this afternoon.
We were content inside though.

We checked out our treasures from yesterdays beach day.

We crafted.And William declared it Fort Day!

It was a gentle day.
At the end, the house stunk a little less.
Gritty- she still stinks, and still is in the kitchen.
Mama-happy with life.
William and Landon- tired from a good day of play.

1 comment:

  1. So glad you could just take it easy. Nothing like the smell of skunk. Time heals all wounds huh? Love, XXXOOO


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