What's Up

Hi I am still here, just have been a little out of sorts lately. We really have been taking it easy this week.
The weather has cooled down a bit so we can play outside without feeling overheated.
The boys have been skateboarding a lot his week on the driveway. They keep working at it and are so proud of themselves as they improve. As soon as all the other kids are back in school I think we will take a trip to the skate park.
I've been busy planning out our Fall. What trips we might go on, some good books I would like to read, new projects and skills that would be fun to learn and stuff like that.
It's a good winding down summer week, which I can't believe is actually here already. Of course we will still head to the beach as long as the days are warm enough. The good part is that it will be mostly deserted now. One of the many perks of homeschooling.
Sorry I've been away so long. I will post regularly again soon. Just trying to feel better.


  1. The last days of summer are so special. I agree with you about uncrowded beaches and the perks of homeschooling. Many sweet days to come. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. Hope you are well again soon. We have missed you! I,too, am welcoming less crowds myself!


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