I have two sisters.
There is a good deal of age difference between us, me being the youngest of 6 children.
My oldest (M) has always mothered me. My next oldest(L) - well - it's always been an interesting relationship. She's the middle and I'm the baby. That's all I'll say.

I just spent the day with L and about two weeks ago I got to visit M for 10 days.
Our relationships seems to have changed. For the better. I think they are finally realizing I am an adult.

I am also more confident in myself and stand up for myself. This I thank my husband of 12 years. He has helped me to see how a respectful relationship should be.

Back to the visits.
It was time well spent. I really enjoyed talking with them both and had good conversations with them. I felt they were actually listening to me. That what I had to say was important. It made me feel respected and no longer like the baby.

Although we may not always agree on things and definitely have different philosophies of life, they will always be my sisters.

I am glad that I had a chance to spend time with them.

I am also glad I chose them as my matron of honors 12 years ago because I know they will always stand by me in whatever I choose to do.
Although they won't always do it quietly.

They will always be my sisters and my friends.


  1. I am so very proud of you and all you do. Family means so much. Hurrah for your relationships getting better. I have yet to reach that place with my sister. Love you very dearly, xxxooo

  2. It's nice to know i don't treat you the "baby" anymore but you will always be my baby


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